Gum Massager & Finger Toothbrush Pink (Set of 2)

RM 10.50 RM 15.00

  • ORAL CARE: For babies & small children, brushing can be difficult or dreaded. Thus, start to train them from their Newborn age. This silicone finger toothbrush is the first step to ensure your babies Gum and Teeth is healthy until there are big. Start to use our silicon toothbrush and train our baby to brush their teeth. 
  • SAFE & SOFT: Safely brush new baby's teeth and massage their tender gums with our soft silicon finger toothbrush.
  • EASY FIT & CARRY: Easily fits into adult fingers and easy to carry in you baby bag. 
  • 4 WEEKS TO 4 YEARS: Our silicon  to be easy to clean & effective for use for kids between 4 weeks & 4 years of age – the only toothbrush of its kind!
  • GENTLE & EASY TO CLEAN: Our finger toothbrush are made from food-grade, dishwasher safe silicone, free of BPA & phthalates.