Im Pija Rahman the founder and owner of Babyredhutcom. I'm mothering a precious baby boy born in January 2016 and designing the products I wish existed for my family and your's! Less than a year ago, I set out to give the very best multi use muslin product for my first baby, Rayyan Haikal. That idea became the signature of Babyredhut! I built Babyredhut on a shoestring budget and I had the opportunity to share the most thoughtfully designed, innovative, and safe multi use swaddle blankets, handkerchief and more upcoming that my babies used with your little one and momz.
Every day, we share life’s journey together. Our hopes, dreams, milestones, and all the memories in between. These are the moments that matter in our journey, and we want to share them with you. Join us on instagram and FB page at Babyredhut.com for a collection of our moments and days!