Feeding Trainer Tools

Introducing solids food is an exciting milestone, but it’s also usually a messy endeavor. Figuring out how to store your baby's food and keep it from getting all over the floor is almost as challenging as getting those first tiny bites into his mouth.

Thankfully, babyredhut have this baby and toddler plates and bowls also designed with these obstacles in mind. The best products help parents do more than just feed their little ones — we also make the experience of experimenting with and trying new foods cleaner, easier and more fun.

Not sure where to start when buying dishware for a tiny, messy eater? These plates and bowls for babies (anywhere from 4 to 6 months and up) and toddlers will help you transition to purees and solids with less mess. And, hopefully soon, you’ll have a more independent eater in the family.